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Let's commemorate your event with beautiful photos.

I focus on capturing the guests, happenings, environment, and key moments of any event or occasion.

Examples of event photography:

  • conferences
  • trade shows
  • retirement dinners
  • holiday parties
  • galas
  • corporate anniversaries
  • office open houses

Why should I hire a professional photographer for my event?

An Event Photographer Has A Unique Perspective

An event photographer captures moments in time. They capture the feeling of the moment, whether it's joyous, sad, romantic, funny, etc. As an event photographer, they are able to share those moments with others through their photographs.

A Good Event Photographer Will Create Memories

The goal of any good event photographer is to create memories. They want to capture the emotion behind the event, as well as document specific moments. This helps ensure that the memories are long lasting and that they aren't forgotten.

3. An Event Photographer Can Help Bring People Together

While many photographers shoot weddings, portraits, and family events, few actually specialize in capturing special occasions. However, event photography can help bring people together. Whether it's at a wedding, graduation party, birthday celebration, or company picnic, people often look forward to special occasions. When you're shooting on location, you can interact with guests and even get involved in activities. This allows you to connect with your clients and friends as well as allow them to bond with other attendees.

An Event Photographer Is Often Asked To Capture Events From Multiple Perspectives

When an event happens, you may only notice some aspects of it. For example, if you attend an outdoor concert, you might see the stage but be unable to hear the music. It's important to remember that everyone sees different things when attending an event. While you were focused on the stage, someone else was watching the crowd. The best event photographers will capture the entire experience from multiple perspectives.


$150 /session

  • 1 Hour Session
  • Photo Editing
  • Online Gallery
  • Digital Delivery
  • Print Release

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