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Before you start snapping real estate photos with your smartphone, remember other realtors & brokers use Professional Real Estate Photography for every listing.

Now that you know you should be working with a professional real estate photographer, it’s time for you to hire one. Andrew Grimm Photography will deliver sharp, clean photographs at a reasonable rate.

If you’re still on the fence, read our testimonials here and see for yourself how much we can improve your next listing. 

Why do I need professional real estate photography?

1. To capture the essence of the property

Real estate photography is different from traditional photography. Traditional photography usually involves capturing the beauty of a place or object. However, real estate photography is different. Real estate photography captures the true essence of a location. This means that the photographer should be able to capture the moods, feelings, and emotions of the space.

2. To help potential buyers visualize themselves living there

When someone visits a house they want to live in, they often imagine what their life would look like there. They may picture themselves relaxing in the backyard, enjoying dinner at the kitchen table, or spending time with family members. A good real estate photographer will be able to capture this moment in time and show it to potential buyers.

3. To help sellers market their home effectively

Sellers often hire a realtor to help them market their homes. When a seller uses a realtor, the realtor typically hires a real estate agent to take pictures of the listing. While the realtor might be able to tell the buyer what the listing looks like, it is much easier for the real estate agent to show the listing to potential buyers.

4. To create a lasting memory

A great real estate photo captures the essence of a location. It helps potential buyers envision themselves living there. It makes the listing stand out among others. And it creates a lasting memory for the homeowner.



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$75 /listing

  • 1 Hour Session
  • Photo Editing
  • Online Gallery
  • Digital Delivery
  • Same Day Turnaround

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