senior portraits

Senior portraits are a great way to celebrate your achievements!

Senior Portraits

$300 /session

  • 2 Hour Session
  • Photo Editing
  • Online Gallery
  • Digital Delivery
  • Print Release

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Why do I need senior portraits?

You've already taken plenty of pictures throughout your life, but what happens after graduation? You'll want to continue taking pictures to document your experiences, milestones, and memories. A great way to capture this is with senior portraits.

Senior portraits are a great opportunity for you to show off your best side, whether it's your smile, your personality, or your style. They also help you remember those special moments from your past.

Create a portfolio of work

Being able to share your work is helpful for any career path you choose. Whether you're applying for jobs, getting into graduate school, or just looking for a job, having a collection of photographs of yourself is a great way to showcase your skills and talents. Having senior portraits done allows you to compile your portfolio of work.

Celebrate your accomplishments

Senior portraits are a great time to celebrate your achievements. Whether it's graduating college, finishing a semester abroad, or graduating high school, having senior portraits done gives you a chance to look back at the things you did throughout your life. You can even use your senior portrait to send along to colleges and universities for scholarships!

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